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Jena is an internationally renowned science city and, in addition to the tradition-steeped Friedrich Schiller University and the practice-oriented Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences, is also home to a number of renowned research institutions, including institutes of the Max Planck and Fraunhofer Societies, as well as the Leibniz Association and an institute of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The majority of the institutes are located at the Beutenberg Campus Jena.

A total of about 4,500 scientists conduct research in Jena, about 3,500 of them at the university.

With a focus on optics and photonics as well as health and the life sciences, Jena's research is oriented towards future issues that are of central importance for the further development of society and the economy. Jena also plays an outstanding role nationwide in the fields of innovative materials and energy storage, surface and microtechnology, and people in social change.

The profile line "LIGHT LIFE LIBERTY" of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the slogan "where life sciences meets physics" of the Beutenberg Campus document the interdisciplinary research on site. The slogan of the Ernst Abbe University Jena "Innovation for quality of life" also stands for important future topics such as health, sustainability and networking.

World-class science

The close-knit research network and a multitude of interdisciplinary projects guarantee the success of Jena as a science location. In addition, there are proverbial "short distances" as well as the close connection of the educational institutes to research and industry. Numerous companies and scientific institutes maintain intensive contacts with the Friedrich Schiller University and the Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences. Start-ups are promoted by both universities as well as the scientific contact among each other. In Jena, basic research and the utilization of its results for the economy go hand in hand.

Forschungsschwerpunkte in Jena
Forschungsschwerpunkte in Jena